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Aaah, Good Water

Whether you are looking to soften your hard water so plumbing,  appliances and fixtures work better and last longer; or to get rid of water spots; or filtering your water to make your drinking water taste better; or remove certain minerals from your water like, iron, etc., Shamrock Plumbing is here to help you with your water treatment products! 



Water Softeners

Since the beginning, Shamrock Plumbing has been selling and installing water softeners and our "Brand of Choice" has been Charger Water Softeners. Over all our years in business, Charger Softeners have proved to be far less problematic and have more longevity than other brands we have dealt with out in the field. Whether you need to replace your water softener, or purchase one for the first time, we will be happy to insure you get the correctly sized unit for your home and needs. We also offer a Softener Maintenance Program to help make your softener care worry-free and your life easier, while insuring your Softener is operating properly for longevity.                                 Contact us to learn more!   


Drinking Water & Reverse Osmosis Systems

Whether you are looking to just have better tasting water, or want to remove other minerals and contaminants  from your drinking water, the Shamrock Plumbing team will get your set up by providing and/or installing it for you. 

 Commonly installed at the kitchen faucet, these systems deliver clear, clean, fresh-tasting water for drinking and cooking. Undersink filters incorporate activated carbon filter cartridges designed to address bad taste, odor, chlorine taste & odor, lead, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and cysts. There are also quick-connect inline filters that are designed for refrigerator, icemaker and water dispenser applications to help produce quality water for ice cubes and beverages. 

Do you need your filters changed? Our team can help you with that too!


Whole House Filters

Tired of plugging your nose when you want to take a drink, or iron stains, etc. throughout your home? A Whole House Filtration system is the way to go to help improve these type of issues. 

Typically installed on a home's main water line, a single stage or multi-stage Whole House Filtration system can help reduce mineral deposits, iron staining and buildup.  Have questions? Our Shamrock Plumbing team will be happy to help. We can provide, and/or install the units, as well as help with replacing filters. CALL US TODAY!


Offering Personalized Customer Service

No matter what your plumbing needs may be, we can provide you with a quality and affordable solution. We strive to treat our customers the way we would like to be treated, thus allowing us to provide the best possible personalized customer service throughout every stage of the process


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